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We are a program for children in grades K – 8 that meets on Sunday mornings and after school on Wednesday afternoons. We provide a nurturing environment for children to explore their Jewish heritage and identity.

We feel strongly that temple membership should not be a barrier preventing your child from getting a Jewish education. You do not need to be a member of a synagogue to send your child to the JLCMW. We have students from local synagogues (Congregation Or Atid, Temple Beth Sholom, Congregation B'nai Torah, Congregation Beth El), as well as students who are unaffiliated. 

The JLCMW aims to offer an environment where: 

  • each child feels at peace and full of joy the minute they come through our doors

  • each child feels that they belong and that they have something to contribute 

  • each child is encouraged to discover their true self, contemplate their personal values and are guided to develop their own world view

  • each child develops their personal character, learning to rely on themselves, their judgment and their ability to make thoughtful choices and reflective decisions

  • each faculty member develops a personal relationship with each student and students connect to each other in creating a strong loving community where every student feels acceptance, love and support of every adult in the school  

  • every student feels they have a voice and a role in driving their Jewish learning journey

For More Information
Email Orna Sonnenschein at ornas@jlcmw.org

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